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We are experts in emergency preparedness, securing privacy and self-reliance.

Big Brother

Today we live in a world where we are being constantly watched and monitored. Privacy is dead. You leave a digital footprint everywhere you go. Every day your private data is tracked, scanned, stored, reviewed and tracked by hackers, corporations, government and online criminals. If someone wanted to access your personal information what would you do to stop it? What would it take to wipe the slate clean and be free of "Big Brother?". Your living in a world where privacy is in danger.

Going Under the Radar

Could you get rid of that which makes you vulnerable to snooping, spying and surveillance, wipe the slate clean, move your past behind, move to a new city, even change your identity? Learn how to live under the radar and become a ghost in a digital world.

Starting Over

WARNING: Being shut off from your old life is hard and it will be normal to miss family, friends and favorites foods. You need to resist the urge to turn back to proceed and live by your wits and be hyper aware of everything you do and everywhere you go.


This site is intended for information purposes only. The privacy techniques featured were carried out by a security expert and shown for illustration purposes only. Readers should not attempt to duplicate. This information is for Emergency Preparedness, Self Reliance and defending ones privacy.

Privacy Protection Preparation

Do you wish to carve out a life free from enchrochments on your individual freedom? Would you like to navigate the pitfalls of living an underground life overground?   The entire process will take 3 months to prepare for a new life. Calculate the total cash you need to save for hotel, food, gas, clothes, prepaid phone etc. ahead of time for a 3-4 month period.

Step 1 - Close All Accounts

Did you know the average american is tracked by over 200 databases. You need to close this door to these intruders. Terminate all accounts, email accounts, memberships close, delete everything on your computer. It's not enough to just delete your data on your computer you have to go hard core on your hard drive. Boil the hard drive in hot water just like you would an egg. When it has cooled off hit it with a hammer or mallet. Use A Degausser (super magnet) to change the drives magnetic field making it unrecognizable. The first 2 days are critical. The odds are cut in half if you can be clever enough to make it past the first 2 days.

Step 2 - Destroy Paperwork

Shred credit cards. Anything that could be use to show your shopping/buying habits. Be sure to shred all bills and statements. Jumble it up into trash multiple bags. Put the bags in different places all over ths city. There is no such thing as overkill.

Step 3 - Destroy Photos

Destroy all photos that may be a window into your world that would reveal your activities and your likes.

Step 4 - Destroy or Loose your Phone

If someone knows your phone number your location can be tracked using triangulation through the use of 3 towers. Your personal number is as if you have a giant arrow pointing out your location anywhere you are. Tracking software can be turned on by anonymous texts. Each text you send could allow others to track you. Delete your phones contacts, accidentally leave your phone at a bus station. If a total stranger picks it up the stanger is now being tracked. You may also desire to hide your phone on a vehicle, semi-truck or train traveling from state to state. Another form of disinformation. Only you know your real destination.

Step 5 - Select your Destination

Avoid larger cities where there is a lot of video surveillence, look into mid-size cities. Avoid places with friends and family. Also avoid cold weather locations where it's harder to get around in. Do not leave anything behind reflecting your destination planning.

Step 6 - Pack

Pack a sleeping bag, 2 baseball caps, clothes, toothbrush, toothpaste, plenty of alcohol wipes, anything you need for the duration.

Step 7 - Disinformation

Use social media as a way to provide disinformation as to your perceived whereabouts. You may say your traveling to Alaska but you know your looking elsewhere for a destination.

Step 8 - On the Move

Buy a vehicle you wouldn't normally drive. Who would have ever expected you to drive around in a family car? Select your destination, somewhere you would not have normally have gone. Stay clear of harsh weather locations which make it harder to travel.

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Prepaid Phones

Your bags are packed, your car is ready, your destination is a whole new life. Drive 100 miles and buy a prepaid phone with cash. A prepaid phone has never been hacked and it's on your side at all times. Dispose of it every few weeks and replace it with a new one. These phones are to only used in emergencies or to contact hotels. Only you know the number and it will be used strictly for outgoing calls. Technology exists that can turn your microphone on even when turned off. IMPORTANT: When your phone is not in use remove the battery.

Break Patterns

Pay special attention to toll roads. These toll roads track your car when it travels through toll roads and congested zones utilizing RFIDs. Your vehicle is tagged with this chip sending out a unique signal. Every time your vehicle is scanned your billed. If someone had these records it would not be difficult to see where your going. The simple things can give you away. Do NOT frequent the same restaurants. Big Brother keeps your dietary habits. For example if you booked an airline ticket you filled out food dietary preferences and are now vulnerable to what you eat. Someone needing information on you could call the airline, pretend they are you, check your diet preferences and monitor restaurants with those foods.


Device Tracking

If your vehicle has a GPS, this generates an exact latitutde/longitude of your location. If your GPS has an emergency call feature it has a microphone which can be turned on at any time thus allowing big brother to listen in on conversations.

Remove all GPS's from your vehicle. Make sure you have tires which do NOT have RFID's which track manufacturer information and tracking information.

Fingerprints & DNA

There is a device called BPAC (Biometric Portal Acquisition Computer) which measures fingerprints, that hits a a national database of over 7 million Americans. It can measure eye blood vessil patterns to voice recognition. Anyone can buy a BPAC. If your fingerprints are in the database and someone hacks into the system have been located. Avoid fingerprints on glass etc. Eat without a trace. Buy everything in disposable containers. Instead of a table for 1 take your order to go. When eating, drinking use to go cups, containers which are disposable. Limit your trail of DNA. If your growing a beard to change your appearance shave outside, NOT in your room to minimize DNA. When sleeping at hotels dead skin cells or hair follicles give up your privacy as well. DO NOT sleep on the bed. Rest and sleep on a sleeping bag you have brought with you. Use Alcohol wipes to wipe off door knobs etc.

Cameras / Bugs

Video Monitoring

Sweep your room for cameras etc. that may be recording using an EMF detector. Cameras are usually embedded in areas with a wide field of view of the room like a picture frame. Note, nearby devices can produce false alarms. Have 2 baseball caps, 1 for day and 1 for night. The night baseball cap will have LEDs on the front you insert with a 9 volt battery to confuse night cameras.

Voice Monitoring

The NSA has a device that can decipher what your saying even if they cannot hear your voice. Every time your speak your voice creates small vibrations on your car windows. A bounced laser monitoring system is able to take those small vibrations and convert them into speech. It is important to note that your average law abiding citizen typically will not be listened to in this manner.

Reinvent Yourself

New Identity

Do NOT take on someone else's identity or social number. It is illegal and you could inherit their debt and criminal record.  Petition the courts to change your name, preferably a common name which makes you harder to find. If there are 4 million people in the country with your name, your harder to find.

Most common MALE names are James, John, Robert. Most common FEMALE names are Mary, Patricia, Linda. Most common MALE and FEMALE last names are Smith, Johnson, Williams, Jones. All transactions and paperwork from now on will be under your new identity.

Live in hotels etc. until you receive your new identity and social security card.

New Residence

Utilize your new identity to secure your new residence. Acquire a laptop. A laptop is perfect if you need to leave quickly. Ensure you non-wireless modem and use a hard wire connection (wireless is easily hacked). Why? If anyone could hack your connection they can monitor your data stream and see where your surfing. Cover up your laptops webcam with a band-aid. Recognizing that any hacker can install a trojan virus that can monitor your keystrocks you should install anti-key logger software which keeps your keystrokes from being tracked. Also install a firewall like ZoneAlarm to further blocking. Install a Password Manager (passwords cannot be logged if they are not being typed). Change your passwords frequently.

The NSA utilizes a system called Echelon. It has been accused in 2002 of illegally monitoring citizen communications. Once your connected you want to hide your IP location. Use proxy software to reroute your ip address to a remote server every time you surf the web. Anyone trying to track you will be led astray, again disinformation.

Get Established


Do not buy the same foods you purchased before. If you were vegan before your a meat carnivore now. More and more stores are now installing RFIDs to track merchandise thus shaving countless hours off of inventory. If your really paranoid, remove the food from the original containers, poor the food into containers or gallon size bags. Advances in science shows RFIDs can be read from miles away.

Drivers License

You should obtain a new license with your new name and new residence. Note, RFID chips are in drivers licenses. Night clubs scan licenses and anyone else can too. Create an RFID blocking wallet by folding an aluminum foil pocket and place it in your wallet. Put all of your cards between the foil.

Employment and Money

Get a Job

Look for night jobs to minimize contact with others. Change jobs every few months. Choose an opposite career path like a Janitor position. Create a credible rehearsed back story for social situations. Spys have a saying... base a lie on the truth, do not invent a totally new scenario. Draw on your past and change the details just enough they are different to others but still familiar to you.


Now that you have a paycheck you do not want to store your money under a mattress. Create a new bank account for your work deposits putting even more distance between you and your former identity. Eveyone knows that pins are needed to access an account. In the future you may have to use your hand instead of a pin for verification. Making identity switching harder.

Social Scene

Don't be Alarming

Humans are social animals. Many of us crave contact. When in the public eye, do NOT use scratchpads, binoculars or cameras which are considered suspicious activity by police. These things may place you as part of a national surveillance program called NSA's Fusion centers. This surveillance system was put in place for streamlining federal, state and local agencies through 70 areas throughout the United States.

In Public

Your old self is now officially hiding in plain sight. Be hyper aware of cameras around you. When your in the public eye remember BPACS can read the iris's of your eyes from a wide range of vision from up to 60 feet away. Facial recognition technology can create a face print to compare against databases. Change your facial features with a beard, mustache, glasses etc. Change the way you walk. If you walk with your shoulders tight, walk now nice and open.

Always stay calm because the department of Homeland Security can also detect dangerous acts before they happen. Increased heart rate, rise in body temperature, shortness of breath all signs of pre-detection called anticipatory technology which may give you up if you are nervous.



You thought you were rid of all trackers. Airports can tag your luggage with an RFID tag which can come back to haunt you if you forgot to think of that. If you wish to throw off trackers leave previous used airport luggage behind at one of your early hotels.

New Life

Congratulations, you have a new life. Your biggest struggle from now on is maintaining your privacy. All it takes is one mistake to undo all of your work. Carve out a new existance, get adjusted to a life of solitude away from the radar in the fringes of modern life.

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